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Performance Advantages


Each Genesis device uses a powerful 16 bit processor, to ensure fast and rapid response to any event.


The Genesis system provides a high speed RS485 communication network. A combination of security inputs, control inputs, outputs, building management controllers and access control modules can be utilized to meet your requirements.

When large numbers of LAN modules are required to meet a particular sites requirements, up to 127 of any chosen Genesis LAN modules types can be utilized on the system - with the master panel being the 128th device. This means up to:

  • 96 RAS, Remote Access Station (LCD Keypads), or
  • 127 EU, Expander Units (16/32 Input Expander Units), or
  • 127 EU8, Expander Units (8-Input Expander Units), or
  • 127 TDC, Two Door Access Controller modules, or
  • 127 O/C, 32-Output Controller Modules

Security System

The Genesis system can be programmed to control up to 64 security areas (partitions) and can be expanded from 16 to 512 inputs. Each input can be controlled by any number or combination of security areas, or be used as a non alarm input. Particularly useful in building automation applications.

Four-state DEOL monitoring per input provides flexibility of 16 resistor values options that can be programmed during the installation. This means that it is not necessary to change resistors when performing a retrofit. The Genesis 4-state DEOL inputs also provide a unique anti-tamper monitoring feature, which makes it next to impossible to replace resistors in armed or disarmed state providing higher security on all inputs.

High Security LAN network

Device addressing by DIP switches has been replaced with unique serial number addressing of each device removing any possibility of RS485 LAN device substitution. Each device includes a separate tamper input, supply voltage monitoring is provided for each LAN device.

Access Control

From 1 to 128 Access Doors can be controlled by the Genesis system, utilizing the TDC network door control modules or the in-built access control interface that resides in every RAS, Remote Access Station. System will support Proximity readers, Retina scans or finger scan readers with 26bit, 26m, 27bit 33bit, 37 bit formats, Genesis proprietary formats are all supported. A degrade mode of at least 100 cards ensure that these cards will still have access if LAN fails.

Intelligent Controllers

The Genesis provides complete access control redundancy. Full intelligence controllers are supported through TCP/IP with multiple interconnected master panels. Multiple Panel inter-connection are supported. This will provide complete redundancy for single or up to 128 access doors. The GENIE user interface software provides multiple panel combined to provide a single system perspective for the operator with seamless operation.


Up to 250 Anti-Pass-back Zones (A Zones) can be achieved with the Genesis system. Each zone also provides an in-out counter that can limit access when the counter exceeds its threshold - ideal for higher security applications or where controlled access is required, or for car park entry counters etc.

Up to 100 fully programmable messages can be added in to the RAS, ideal for automation applications, access control, lighting control, lift control etc.

Digital Dialler

The built-in digital dialler can report all system events to the monitoring station via CONTACT-ID Dialler format or GPRS via GSM. Other options

When multiple tenancies or dual monitoring are required. Any system event can be transmitted to up to 16 different monitoring stations. Therefore providing the flexibility to have the site tenants monitored by their preferred monitoring facility from a single Genesis control panel.

Script Programming Engine

Genesis SCRIPT Programming provides one of the most flexible system programming methods available on todays market. Script programming provides virtually unlimited configuration on system set-up functionality. It all depends on your imagination.

There are 300 Scripts available in the system and they can be attached to a Clock, Input, Area, User group, Door, or any system events. Each Script can include any number of functions, which can be selected from a predefined look up table and is written in simple English which makes it easy even for a beginner. Pre-programmed Scripts provide fast programming of the standard installations.

Click here to view Script Programming Engine page

Management Software

Single or multiple Genesis systems Panels can be connected to the GENIE management software, providing Security Managers with full control at their fingertips. Log users, Floor plan Graphics etc. GENIE provides a completely seamless operation when used with multiple panels. To the operator Genie user software makes it appear as a single system when utilised with one or 16 panels. Additional information on GENIE is available on Torrens web site


The Genesis system is manufactured using the latest SMD technology and takes advantage of the latest 16bit microprocessor on the Master panel and each LAN device. This makes high speed RS-485 LAN communication possible at 19,200 bps. System provides instantaneous operation on card access, even on a fully loaded system.

PC Interface

The Genesis Master Unit comes with a PC interface port as standard. The RS-232 communication port offers direct connection to the Master Panel for user PC interface software, like the GENIE or Aladdin packages and is also used for firmware up-grades. An additional on board RS-232 Port can be easily activated by installing optional plug-in chipsets. The additional RS-232 port provides easy integration to the GPRS module.

Automation interfacing, to other third party products, can be easily accomplished using the built in RS-232 port, on specified Genesis devices. The communication ASCII strings can simply be programmed to suit the third party device as a high level interface. For example; lighting control automation, paging systems, third party PC interfacing, lift control etc. There are up to 100 separate messages that can be programmed to the RS-232 port, for these purposes.

Firmware Upgrades

As part of our continuous commitment to advance the Genesis system, the latest information for upgrades is available from your distributor or can be found on the Genesis web site. Firmware upgrades can be accomplished by simply downloading the latest firmware. FLASH programming of your Genesis MU and LAN devices on site is a simple procedure utilising FLASH programming kit. These are available from your distributor. No messy chip-set changes are required with Genesis system upgrades.