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Expander Unit

The GEN-010 16-Input expander unit provides 16 inputs plus 4 auxiliary outputs, and a separate tamper input. For additional input expansion, the unit also supports the GEN-020 I/O expander module GEN-020 that expands to an additional 16 inputs and 4-relay outputs. The built-in 1 Amp power supply also incorporates sealed led-acid battery charging.

The expander provides four state DEOL monitoring per input to ensure the highest level of security is achieved. The ability to specify up to 16 selectable end of line resistor values make it incredibly simple to upgrade existing sites.

Each input is totally configurable. It could be an alarm point that triggers the dialer, it could control the air conditioning or the lights. Scripting makes it possible to use any input to control any output, area, dialler or even control other inputs.


The four programmable high-current outputs are primarily intended for strobes and sirens but are totally programmable for any other application.

The device provides a cost effective method of expanding a system over the 2-wire RS485 LAN network that can expand up-to 1500m from the master panel.

PC communication is possible via on board RS-232 port. In fact, the PC can be connected to any device on the RS485 LAN network.



GEN-001 Master Controller:
16/32 4-state DEOL monitored inputs
4-fused programmable outputs
Dialler with up-to 64 alarm areas
High speed RS485 2-wire LAN, up to 1500m
Supports Up-to 127 LAN devices
Expands up-to 512 inputs / outputs
Cabinet tamper input on each device
13.8v 1-Amp Power supply, battery charging
RS232 port on MU and all LAN devices
Additional RS232 port provided for STU, etc
Large on board memory 2Megabits
Lightning protection gas-arresters fitted