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Master Panel

The GEN-001 Genesis Master Panel is the heart of the Genesis system. The modular system design allows the Master to communicate with all other LAN modules on the high speed RS485 data network.


The Genesis Master comes enclosed in a metal cabinet with tamper protection and rear cable access for discrete cabling. The enclosure provides space for backup battery, 16 input I/O expander and also a 32-output controller.

The Master provides the on board dialler, RS232 PC Interface for external devices and RS232 port for the Securitel. All programming for the system is also stored and backed up in the Master.

Each DEOL input is totally configurable. It could be an alarm point that triggers a dialler. It could control the air conditioning, lighting or any Automation task. Scripting makes it possible to use any input to control any output, area dialler or even control other inputs.

The master also provides 4 fully programmable outputs. They are primarily intended for strobes and sirens but are totally programmable. An in-built dialler provides full support for Contact ID and other security protocols.

PC communications is possible via in-built RS-232 port. In fact the PC can be connected to any device on the network that has a PC port. Up-to 127 LAN devices are connected together using an RS-485 bus. The Genesis high-speed RS485 LAN network operates at 19,200 baud rate, it provides high noise immunity ensuring reliable communications in difficult environment.

Up-to 16 Master panels can be interconnected utilising GENIE interface software GENIE provides seamless site maintenance for multi panel installations.


GEN-001 Master Panel:
16/32 4-state DEOL monitored inputs
4-fused programmable outputs
Dialler with up-to 64 alarm areas
High speed RS485 2-wire LAN, up to 1500m
Supports Up-to 127 LAN devices
Expands up-to 512 inputs / outputs
Cabinet tamper input on each device
13.8v 1-Amp Power supply, battery charging
RS232 port on MU and all LAN devices
Additional RS232 port provided for STU, etc
Large on board memory 2Megabits
Lightning protection gas-arresters fitted