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EU-8 Expander Unit

The GEN-025 expander module provides an economical extension of additional 8 monitored inputs a cabinet tamper input, and 2 high current outputs. The module has been designed to provide maximum system flexibility and cost effective system expansion.

The module provides high level of security with 4-state DEOL monitored inputs and 2-open collector outputs, each is rated at a nominal 500mA, all output terminals are protected with maintenance free self resetting fuses.

The GEN-025 expander module can be installed up-to 1500m from the Master Panel, utilising the genesis 2-wire high-speed 485 LAN. The small module size allows for easy standardised mounting in the genesis enclosure with up to 4 LAN devices in the one cabinet.

The on-board RS-232 serial data port provides PC connectivity or high-level interface to 3rd party automation devices.

GEN-025 Expander provides:
8 x Programmable DEOL inputs
2 x Open collector outputs, 500mA current
Separate cabinet tamper input
RS-232 PC connectivity port
Expands the system up-to 512 outputs
Connects directly to the RS-485 LAN bus
On-Board 16bit Microprocessor