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Genie Software

User Management Software

Genie is the newest software package in the range of Security and Access software, developed by Torrens Building Software P/L.

Genie has been specially designed to interface to the Genesis fully integrated building management system.

Genie provides users with:

  • User, Point and Configuration Centers for easy access to data viewing, editing and reporting

  • Alarm Center shows both current alarms and an event log. Simple actions access functions to acknowledge alarms, control points, view response details and select alarm related drawings

  • Command Center for controlling doors and outputs, and issuing other panel and point commands

  • Archive Center for creating reports from the archived events

  • Graphics Center displays layouts and drawings to assist in locating alarms within the site and deciding on action to be taken. Status information and point control are readily available

  • Multiple panels combine to provide a single system perspective for the operator

  • Additional client workstations provide for multi-user sites

Genie is for sites with Genesis panels, who require:

  • Easy programming through simple, logical and consistent screens

  • Notification of alarms for immediate operator action

  • Graphical displays of their site for operator alarm response and system control

  • Extensive reporting capabilities on both current data and historical events

About Genie

Genie has been developed by Torrens drawing on over 10 years of experience with software for security and access control applications. It provides management of security alarm and access control using the Genesis panel from Genesis Electronics Australia P/L in a Windows environment.

Genie stores its data using an SQL database management system, providing fast and efficient retrieval and updating. Event logging and alarm processing are handled simultaneously with operators viewing and editing other data. Data upload and download is also done without interrupting essential logging and alarm operations.

Genie provides different Centers for handling different options. For example, the Users Center provides operators with tools to program users and their access details. Once in the Center, the operator can move to edit other details such as lists of doors. Extensive context sensitive on-line help is available for all options.

Genie presents data in plain English, so that operators do not need to know how to program a Genesis panel in order to use the system.

What does Genie need?

Genie runs on an IBM compatible PC with a recommended minimum configuration of:

  • P2-233 MHz or equivalent

  • Minimum 128 MB RAM

  • Super VGA screen

  • 10 Gigabyte hard disk drive

  • Mouse

  • Dedicated serial port, to connect to your security panel

  • Printer, serial or parallel, for printing reports

  • Windows 2000

Genie provides some simple magic for managing your access control and security needs.