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Access Control - Genesis Security System


The Genesis system is a fully integrated
Access Control-Building Automation and
Security System that is flexible and easy to use.

The Australian designed and manufactured system is the result of over twenty years experience in development of fully integrated system.

The use of the Genesis flexible Script Programming Engine has opened the panel to many applications that traditional panels could not handle. The capabilities of the system are no longer limited by the firmware, but can now be extended to virtually unlimited Building Management functions.

Our mission is to build one of the most
versatile, fully integrated building
management systems available to date.

Download PDF Brochure (748 Kb)
Integrated Access Control / Alarm with Building Automation Remote Access Station Keypad, provides two on-board Wiegand inputs
Modular System with 2-wire RS485 LAN, up to 1500 Meters from Master 2-Door Access Controllers provides cache memory, for redundancy
On board Dialler with Contact ID, also supports GPRS, TCP/IP On-board text data base for up-to 9,400 cards, users, areas and inputs
On board RS-232 PC interface for Printer, Modem, Automation or TCP/IP Distributed Intelligence on all LAN modules, for high system speed
Access Control with up to 128 Doors capability on a single panel Up-to 127 LAN modules of any chosen type per system, plus Master
On board 2 MB bits of memory as STANDARD, expandable to 8 MB Lift Controllers, High Level, or with 32-Output controllers
32-Programmable outputs, expandable to 512 with multi-drop LAN modules Messages can be broadcast to each RAS in ASCII from RS-232 port
16/32 DEOL inputs, expandable to 512 with-multi-drop LAN modules Powerful Script Programming Engine, ideal for custom applications
16 DEOL selectable resistor values on all inputs, makes retrofits simple Genie Head end management package, with floor plan graphics
64 Alarm areas, with complete flexibility on all inputs per area And much more....